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Tired of frozen hoses?
Struggling with watering your pets and livestock?
Looking for a way to effectively drain your hoses?
Sick of storing your hoses only to find messy puddles?

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The HiRoller

Only $29.95 each
(plus S&H)

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Winter Chores:  Draining your garden hoses after watering in the winter can be very frustrating. With conventional methods, you just can't get all of the water out, and you have a frozen hose the next day.  Put an end to frozen hoses!  The HiRoller provides a fast, easy, and effective way to drain the water from your hoses and prevent freezing.  You can store your hoses outside, and you will be able to use them again the next morning.

Fast, Easy, and Effective:
  The Hi Roller does the work for you providing a fast, easy, and effective way to drain the water from your hoses and prevent freezing.  No more holding your garden hose above your head.  And coiling your garden hose while using The HiRoller is a cinch.  You can drain and roll up your hose in a matter of seconds.

Mounting:  The HiRoller is pre-drilled for easy mounting to wood, steel, or pipe posts and buildings.  It can even be mounted on the side of a trailer or RV!

Gardening and Winterizing Hoses: Using The HiRoller is a great way to drain hoses on a daily basis prior to storing your hose in the garage or for long term storage.  No more puddles! 

Boarding Facilities:  The HiRoller is a great tool for making your facilities more user-friendly.  Boarders can use The HiRoller year-round to drain hoses prior to putting their hoses back in their tack rooms or trailers. Makes winter watering easy and eliminates puddles of water in tack room floors during the summer.

RVs and Trailers:  The HiRoller can be mounted on your Motor Coach, Travel Trailer or Horse Trailer so that you can drain any remaining water from your hose thus preventing any water from puddling in storage compartments, tack rooms, etc.

Custom Orders Available:  The HiRoller can be built to accommodate any size of hose. Contact us for pricing.

Guaranteed:  The HiRoller comes with a one-year guarantee.  Order with confidence!


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