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About Me

My name is Mike Ybarra, and I am the inventor of The HiRoller.  I invented it in 2008.  I have been a plumber for twenty-eight years, and I have seen my fair share of frozen pipes in the winter.  I know first hand the powerful effects ice can have on any type of vessel used to move water.

I live in Central Utah and own horses and dogs that require tending all year long.  Winter temperatures here are usually below freezing most of the winter, and there are many days when the temperature falls below zero.  Dealing with water in these conditions is dreadful, to say the least.  No matter what the weather is like, our animals need water.  I struggled every year trying to keep my hoses from freezing overnight.  I used to hold the hose up over my head as high as I could, while at the same time trying to roll it up on the ground.  It didn't matter how careful I was, or how slow I rolled up the hose, I could never get enough water out to prevent the hose from freezing overnight.  I had to resort to bringing our hoses into the house and putting them in our bathtub. I don't have to tell you how inconvenient that was.

The problem was I couldn't keep the hose elevated continually while I rolled it up.  The first idea I had was to use a horseshoe nailed to the hitching rail post.  This worked for awhile but the horseshoe had a sharp edge which didn't allow the hose to move too freely over it.  Then, one day it came to me.  I needed something with a roller so the hose could move up and over with ease thus creating the rise and fall needed to drain the hose while I rolled it up.  I built the first prototype of The Hi Roller and used it for over a year.  Then, I decided to patent it and share it with people who struggle with water the way I had every year.

I hope that when you use The HiRoller, I have brought some comfort to your life and have helped you in the care of your animals.

(435) 469-0830
MY Patriot Industries, LLC
HC 13 Box 4261
Wales, UT  84667
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